Message from the NERH Network Director

Message from the NEHR Network Director

Doug Stevens

Doug Stevens

Hello! My name is Doug Stevens and I am the Director of the Center for the Native Environmental Research Network – or just “NEHR” for short.

NEHR is an experimental, service-oriented effort to link resources – human, financial and instrumentation – across a network comprised of tribal colleges and universities (TCUs), Native-serving mainstream institutions and tribal environmental programs. The purpose is to focus these resources on addressing pressing environmental issues in Indian Country. Everyone has a part to play in this endeavor – whether it be establishing baseline values for contaminants of interest in the environment and traditional foods, to using these data for more accurate risk assessments and, ultimately, action to protect members of Native communities. Yes, it is currently experimental, but some of the pilot projects described on other pages on this web site show this approach is working. It is working to not only begin to address the environmental health disparities faced by Native communities as a result of disproportionately high levels of contamination on Indian lands and exposures through Native “lifeways”, but by also addressing longer term solutions by influencing Native undergraduate students to pursue graduate careers in environmental health to generate the Native professionals for future change.

I am glad and excited that you have found our web site! If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Douglas K. Stevens, PhD

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Director, Native Environmental Health Research Network

Head, Dept Life Sciences
Department of Life Sciences
Salish Kootenai College
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